Nave aims to become the Charlotte area’s primary resource for authentic decor and genuine craftwork.  From fiber to grain, each piece is imbued in passion and rooted in purpose. In a time where mass production is the cornerstone of our industry, we strive to differentiate our approach, drawing inspiration from our past, while keeping our eyes on the future.  We believe that “home” is felt before it is seen, and that true craftsmanship and artistry inspires that feeling in the most primitive way.

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1210 S. Mint Street - Next to Cope & Stick

Design is so simple, that’s why its so complicated.
— Paul Rand

Skills & services

  • General contracting

  • Design & Build

  • Interior Design

  • Paint & flooring

  • Home furnishings

  • Stylist

  • Importer

  • Furniture design