Nav started as a dream.

The mother, daughter duo Beth and Griffin have always had a passion for design. Beth used to sell refurbished furniture and wrought iron out of a Barn in Davidson. Griffin grew up watching her mother work and without knowing developed an eye of her own. We look forward to bringing this dream into fruition and sharing our passion for design with the Charlotte community. Our core elements to our design method are the simplicity of earth elements. Texture, sound, smell.. a feeling. The way you feel when you go for a walk in the woods on a brisk day with the sun shining through the trees is how we want your home to feel every morning when you wake up. Home is that important to us. We want to make it that important to you.

Home is inside us – the place where we find everything that is true. We live now in the physical world, but our task is to walk in awareness of this inner place – to make manifest, in this world, evidence of another. In the land of brick and mortar we should always strive and struggle toward the likeness of our deepest understandings.
— McAlpine House
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